Friday, December 28, 2007

Mu Online

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Mu Online is a fantasy MMORPG by the Korean Company Webzen.
Like many other games from this genre Mu Online has customizable characters, wide variety of different monsters and items. It has special outlaw(pk) and hero system for the pvps otside duels. The game has its Guild System that allows the players to join together and take participation in different sort of events like Guild Wars, Training and Battle Soccer.
The Chaos System is represented by the Chaos Machine. It can combine and upgrade items.

Character Classes - Player can chose from:
Dark Knight
Dark Wizard
Fairy Elf
Magic Gladiator
Dark Lord

Castle Seige

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  1. How do I play this game? Can anyone give me a run through the hows and whats of the game? Responses would be much welcomed! Thanks!


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