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Cabal Online – The Revolution Of Action (review)

Cabal Online


Cabal Online is a free to play MMORPG* created by ESTsoft. The game is 3D fantasy in an alternative world known as Nevareth.

CPU: Min: Pentium 3 800MHz +....Recommended: Pentium 4 1.4GHz +
RAM: 256MB + .............................Recommended: 512MB +
Graphics Card: 3D accelerator
Sound Card: Any DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Hard disk space: 2GB +

The game is your usual point and click MMORPG centered at fighting mobs. The world of Cabal consists of several zones. A player passes between them through a special dungeon-like passage-chamber. The new players have access only to three of the world zones.

- Warrior
The Best Melee Fighter with Unrivalled Strength
Warriors practice physical strength by using force rather than manipulating it.

- Blader
The Deadly Blade Dancer, the Fastest Dual Sword User
Their practice is focused on maximizing physical abilities by
using force, and they prioritize dazzling technique and speed
over destructive power.
Use dual swords.
- Wizard
Ultimate Destroyer, the Ruler of the Force
Wizards invest a lot of effort in intelligence in order to efficiently control Force. At the same time, they do not possess much physical strength or agility.

- Force Archer
The Sniper Fires Deadly Force Shots
that Cut through the Wind
Among the three independent combat skills, "Force Archers"
originated from the Wizard group. They realized the potential of
long-range magic spells, and studied how to intensify the
potency of magic spells. It is common knowledge among
force handlersthat the relation between range and
space is in inverse proportion to the one between space and power.

- Force Shielder
The Faithful Warrior that Uses the Force to Shield Others
Force Shielders specialize in short-range force control, which means that
they are incapable of doing long-range attacks. However, they make up for this
weakness by developing supporting magic spells which increase their attack strength by manipulating outer forces near their bodies. It's these methods which match those of the Wizard's strongest asset.

- Force Blader
A Swordsman whose Blade Flares with the Force
Since Force Bladers must be equally skillful in fencing and magic, they try to keep balance their practice in physical strength and intelligence. Although there are not yet many Magic Sword Skills introduced, still Force Bladers can use joint sword and magic skills.

Available: PVP, PK, Guild Wars, Nation Battles
Cabal Forum
Wikipedia about Cabal Online

Interesting item in the game is the "Astral Bike". This bike is not only a convenient transportation, but it also protects the owner from monsters to a certain degree.

Cabal videos:

MMORPG - Massive(ly) multiplayer online role-playing game is a genre of role-playing games in which a large number of players interact with one another in a virtual world.

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